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Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day (Paperback)

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Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day is Nicole Miller's second children's picture book with yet again, a powerful message that addresses a timely issue. Following the adventure of Daisy McCray's vibrant surfboard, Nicole Miller's story demonstrates the importance of staying connected with the world around us. It encourages readers to seek adventure and make time to switch off our screens.

Teaming up once again with talented illustrator, Lily Uivel, Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day will inspire deep thought and important conversations about finding balance in a world where digital technology is at our fingertips. Written in rhyming verse with an enjoyable rhythm, this serious message is conveyed in a light hearted and age appropriate tone. Children will love making predictions and finishing off the sentences.

Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day is published by Little Love (imprint of Mary Egan Ltd). We would like to extend gratitude to the Bobby Stafford-Bush foundation for generously finding the publication of this book.

Paperback: 32 Pages

Size: 225 x 280mm (Portrait)